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Assistant Prof. Dr. Zohre Ahmadi

Zohre Ahmadi, an Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Head of the Aeronautical Engineering Department at the University of Kyrenia in Cyprus, brings a rich perspective to her work, informed by her educational journey in Iran and her extensive experience in the field. With a dedicated focus on advancing materials science and engineering, Dr. Ahmadi has made significant contributions to the synthesis and sintering of materials, evident through her authorship of several impactful scientific papers in these domains. Her research endeavors are centered on pushing the boundaries of sintering techniques and their practical applications across various industries.

In addition to her academic responsibilities, Dr. Ahmadi serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Synthesis and Sintering, a peer-reviewed open-access journal renowned for its contributions to materials research. In this capacity, she plays a pivotal role in shaping scholarly discourse and fostering advancements within the field.

Recognized as one of the top 2% of highly-cited researchers, Dr. Ahmadi actively engages as a reviewer for esteemed journals, ensuring the rigor and quality of scholarly publications while also participating in numerous conferences and congresses. Through these engagements, she not only shares her research findings but also collaborates with peers and stays abreast of the latest developments in materials science and engineering.

Dr. Ahmadi’s commitment extends beyond research and publication. She is deeply invested in knowledge dissemination and professional development, regularly organizing and leading workshops to impart valuable insights and training to students, researchers, and industry professionals alike. Through her dedication to teaching, research, and service, She strives to inspire the next generation of materials engineers and drive forward the field’s advancement.