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Associate Prof. Dr. Gunel Imanova

Gunel Imanova brings a wealth of expertise and a deep commitment to advancing the field of energy science and physics. With a Ph.D. in physics and extensive experience as a Leading Researcher at the Institute of Radiation Problems, Ministry of Science and Education Republic of Azerbaijan, Dr. Imanova has established herself as a prominent figure in the realm of energy research.

Graduating with honors from Baku State University and subsequently defending her Ph.D. in physics in 2018, Dr. Imanova has continued her scholarly journey, culminating in her appointment as an Associate Professor in 2022. Her dedication to research is evidenced by her authorship of over 100 scientific works, including four published books and a monograph, showcasing her deep understanding and contributions to the field.

As the Editor-in-Chief of Caspian Journal of Energy, a peer-reviewed open-access journal, Dr. Imanova is poised to shape scholarly discourse and foster advancements in energy science and physics. Her leadership role extends beyond academia, as she actively engages in organizing workshops and sharing valuable insights with students, researchers, and industry professionals, thereby contributing significantly to knowledge dissemination and professional development in the field of energy.