Synsint Research Group, a non-profit academic organization headquartered in Cyprus, is dedicated to exploring scientific, technological, and engineering advancements, with a specific focus on synthesis, sintering, materials science, and related fields such as mechanical engineering, chemistry, physics, and pharmacy. With a commitment to international collaboration, our team operates across borders, particularly from Cyprus, Iran, Canada, and Türkiye, fostering diverse perspectives and global expertise.

In addition to our research, we take pride in our role as a publisher of distinguished journals, including our flagship publication, Synthesis and Sintering. Since our establishment as an Open Access publisher in 2021, we have prioritized the universal accessibility of knowledge. Authors who choose to publish with us retain full copyright ownership of their work, enabling unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction under the Creative Commons Attribution License, while ensuring appropriate citation.

At Synsint Research Group, our overarching mission is to support the global academic community and promote progress in science and engineering. Through the provision of exceptional scientific publications, we aim to inspire advancement and facilitate the practical application of research and technology. Upholding the highest standards of quality, we benefit from the invaluable expertise and guidance of a diverse team of over 300 international reviewers and esteemed professionals, who form part of our dedicated editorial board, enriching our publishing activities with cutting-edge discoveries and insights.