For Author

Our flagship journal, Synthesis and Sintering, initially operated as a subsidized open-access publication, supported by Synsint Research Group during its initial three years. The group covered publication fees, including peer-review administration, professional proofreading, assignment of Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), and paper production in XML and PDF formats.

As of April 1, 2024, in alignment with our commitment to Open Access publishing, an Article Processing Charge (APC) is required for publishing in our journals. This charge will be invoiced to the submitting author upon acceptance. There are no additional fees such as Article Submission Charge (ASC). The Article Processing Charge is set at 250 Euros.

Refund Policy:

Once an article is accepted for publication, the APC becomes due. The submitting author is responsible for this charge, and Synsint Research Group does not issue any refunds.

Waiver Policy:

Synsint Research Group operates a waiver policy to assist researchers who may face difficulties meeting the costs associated with open-access publishing. Requests for waivers can be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief of the relevant journal.