For Reviewers

Receiving a revised manuscript is a common part of the peer review process in Synsint Research Group¬†journals. Here’s how to effectively review revised manuscripts:

Review Process for Revised Manuscripts

  • Minor changes are typically assessed directly by the editor.
  • For significant revisions, the manuscript may be sent back to the original reviewers, unless they opted out.
  • Occasionally, a new reviewer may be invited by the editor.

Purpose of the Review

  • The primary aim of reviewing a revised manuscript is to ensure that the requested changes have been adequately addressed.

Reviewing Process

  • Your review of a revised manuscript should be relatively quick, mainly involving checking if the requested actions have been completed.
  • Assess whether the changes made by the author align with the comments and suggestions provided in the original decision letter and the author’s response.
  • Authors are asked to highlight changes in their revised manuscripts, which facilitates the review process.