For Reviewers

Ensuring Expertise Alignment

Before accepting a manuscript for review, reviewers associated with Synsint Research Group are expected to ensure they possess the subject expertise necessary to conduct a thorough assessment.

Timely Review Submissions

In preparation for agreeing to review a manuscript, we typically request reviewers to provide their comments within a three-week timeframe. Extensions are available upon request. If you find yourself unable to review the article within this period, kindly inform the editor or editorial office promptly. Moreover, we highly encourage suggestions for alternative reviewers, as ensuring timely and thorough reviews is essential to our publication process.

Navigating Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of interest pose a significant concern in the peer review process. As a reviewer, your primary duty is to critically and constructively evaluate a manuscript’s content. It’s crucial to recognize potential conflicts of interest, which may include:

  • Relationships with your students, mentors, supervisors, or advisors
  • Family connections to the authors
  • Colleagues at your current institution
  • Individuals involved in funding your research or receiving funding from you
  • Collaborators within the past two years

Identifying and disclosing conflicts of interest ensures transparency and integrity in the review process, safeguarding the credibility of Synsint Research Group’s publications.

Committing to impartiality

Reviewers are kindly reminded to conduct their evaluations impartially, refraining from allowing their judgments to be influenced by any factors of the origins of a manuscript, such as nationality, religious or political beliefs, gender, or any other personal characteristics of the authors, as well as commercial considerations.