Synsint Research Group is pleased to highlight its active involvement in various conferences, congresses, and workshops, where our members have shared their research findings or organized informative sessions. These events serve as invaluable platforms for networking, knowledge exchange, and collaboration within the academic and scientific communities, specifically the next generation of scientists.

Upcoming Conferences

September 2024The 14th Biennial Congress of Iranian Ceramic Society and the 4th International Conference on Ceramics

Location: Tehran, Iran

  • Our Founder Associate Prof. Dr. Mehdi Shahedi Asl have been selected as a member of the International Scientific Committee for this prestigious international conference.


February 2024:

The 8th International Conference on Mechanical, Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering

Location: Penang, Malaysia

  • Our Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Dr. Nilgun Baydogan served as an esteemed international member of the Technical Committee.


February 2024:The 6th International Conference on Welding and Non Destructive Testing

Location: Tabriz, Iran

  • Our Founder Associate Prof. Dr. Mehdi Shahedi Asl served as an esteemed invited member of the Scientific Committee.



Selected Conducted Events

Summer 2023:Research Alphabet Summer School in collaboration with the University of Kyrenia

Location: University of Kyrenia, Cyprus

Description: Building on the success of the previous workshop, we organized a second edition at the University of Kyrenia, offering participants hands-on experience in research methodologies and academic writing. This workshop aimed to foster a culture of research excellence and provide practical guidance to aspiring scholars.

Included below is an example image displaying the Certificate of Participation provided to participants, acknowledging their active engagement throughout the Workshop.


December 2022:11th International Conference on Materials & Metallurgical Engineering (iMat2022)

Location: Tehran, Iran

Title: Manufacturing Novel Materials with Complex Compositions by Spark Plasma Sintering

Description: At the 11th International Conference on Materials & Metallurgical Engineering, he presented insights on manufacturing novel materials with complex compositions using Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS). That speech focused on leveraging the unique capabilities of SPS technology to fabricate materials with tailored properties and intricate compositions. Optimizing the sintering parameters and precursor materials may assist in overcoming the limitations of conventional manufacturing methods and pave the way for the development of advanced materials for various industrial applications. That presentation highlighted the potential of SPS in achieving precise control over microstructure and properties, thereby opening new avenues for material design and engineering.


December 2022:1st National Conference on Materials Engineering and Interdisciplinary

Location: Tehran, Iran

Invited Speaker: Our Founder Associate Prof. Dr. Mehdi Shahedi Asl

Title: The prospect of manufacturing advanced parts by Spark Plasma Sintering

Description: That speech was dedicated to the innovative aspects of Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS), a cutting-edge technology revolutionizing material synthesis and fabrication. Attendees were treated to a comprehensive overview of SPS, exploring its principles, applications, and the myriad benefits it offers in terms of rapid prototyping, improved material properties, and enhanced microstructural control. Moreover, the presentation underscored the pivotal role of SPS in advancing various industries, from aerospace to biomedical engineering, and highlighted its potential for driving transformative innovations in the field of advanced materials manufacturing.


Summer 2022:Research Alphabet Online Workshop


Description: This workshop provided participants with valuable insights into research methodologies, literature review techniques, and academic writing skills. Attendees had the opportunity to enhance their research proficiency and develop a deeper understanding of scholarly practices.


May 2022:The 13th Congress of Iranian Ceramic Society – The 3rd International Conference on Ceramics

Location: Tehran, Iran

  • Prof. Dr. Mahdi Ghassemi Kakroudi, the Editor-in-Chief of Synthesis and Sintering, served as the Secretary of International Relations for this conference.
  • Speaker: Our General Editor Assistant Prof. Dr. Zohre Ahmadi

Title: Effect of C3N4 Content on the Densification and Mechanical Characteristics of Spark Plasma Sintered ZrB2 Ceramics

Description: At this prestigious event, she presented research investigating the influence of C3N4 content on the densification and mechanical properties of ZrB2 ceramics fabricated via spark plasma sintering. The findings contribute to advancing the understanding of ceramic processing techniques and optimizing material performance.


May 2022:The 13th Congress of Iranian Ceramic Society & the 3rd International Conference on Ceramics

Location: Tehran, Iran

Title: Workshop on Spark Plasma Sintering; Advantages, Challenges, and Horizons

Description: The workshop focused on exploring the advantages, challenges, and prospects of SPS technology in ceramic manufacturing. It provided a platform for experts to exchange insights and discuss innovative applications of SPS in material synthesis and engineering.


December 2021:Nuclear Technology, Radiation Safety, and Advanced Technological Researches

Location: Istanbul, Türkiye

  • The Editor-in-Chief of Synthesis and Sintering, Prof. Dr. Nilgun Baydogan, played a pivotal role as a member of both the Executive and Organizing Committee for this conference.
  • Our Founder Associate Prof. Dr. Mehdi Shahedi Asl contributed as a member of the Scientific Committee for this conference.
  • Invited Speaker: Our General Editor Assistant Prof. Dr. Zohre Ahmadi

Title: Spark Plasma Sintering of Novel Composites with Unique Properties by Combining UHTCs and MAX Phases

Description: During this conference, she presented research on the synthesis and characterization of advanced composites using spark plasma sintering (SPS). That work focused on combining ultra-high-temperature ceramics (UHTCs) and MAX phases to develop materials with exceptional properties.


August 2021:International Conference on Electromagnetics in Advanced Applications

Location: Honolulu, HI, USA

Title: Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of a Dielectric Multilayer Broadband Infrared Meta-Absorber

Description: At the ICEAA conference, he presented research on the design, fabrication, and characterization of a dielectric multilayer broadband infrared meta-absorber. That work focused on developing an innovative absorber structure capable of efficiently capturing and converting incident infrared radiation across a broad spectral range. The study involved detailed investigations into the material composition, layer thicknesses, and structural parameters to achieve enhanced absorption performance. The findings of the research contribute to the advancement of infrared sensing and imaging technologies with potential applications in various fields such as remote sensing, thermal imaging, and energy harvesting.


August 2019:1st International Conference on Optoelectronics, Applied Optics, and Microelectronics

Location: Ardabil, Iran

Title: Temperature Dependent Current-Transport Mechanisms (CTMs) in the Al/Al2O3/p-Si (MIS) Diodes (SDs) Using Current-Voltage-Temperature (I-V-T) Characteristics in the Temperature Range of 200-320 K

Description: At this esteemed conference, he presented research on temperature-dependent current-transport mechanisms in Al/Al2O3/p-Si diodes. Through an analysis of current-voltage-temperature characteristics within the temperature range of 200-320 K, he investigated the behavior of these diodes under varying thermal conditions. His findings contribute to advancing the understanding of semiconductor device physics and offer insights into their practical applications in optoelectronics and microelectronics.


September 2019:10th International Conference on High Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites

Location: Bordeaux Congress Centre, France

Title: Fracture Behavior Improvement of Ceramic-Based Matrix Composites via Microstructure Architecture (FMs Method)

Description: At this mentioned conference, he presented research on enhancing the fracture behavior of ceramic-based matrix composites through microstructure architecture, employing the FMs method. That work aimed to develop innovative strategies for optimizing the microstructural design of ceramic composites to enhance their mechanical properties and fracture resistance. Through a comprehensive investigation of microstructural parameters and fracture mechanisms, he aimed to advance the understanding of composite materials and contribute to the development of high-performance structural materials for various applications, including aerospace, automotive, and energy sectors.


Our active participation in these events underscores our commitment to advancing scientific knowledge, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, and nurturing the next generation of researchers. We look forward to continuing our engagement in future conferences and workshops to contribute to the advancement of our fields of study.